Orangetheory is a world made of treadmills, weights, and rowers. Costing from $59 to $159. Not cheap enough to be ignored.

And it is very possible to get tired of going to the same gym, following the same regime, and meeting the same physical challenges every day.

Tiring experiences are not very motivating. Soon, you will start slacking at Orangetheory. 

So, why don’t you take a break from gyming, and do something FUN. Like trekking in the Blue Ridge mountains. 

Well, whatever FUN you pick to do, before that cancel your expensive Orangetheory membership following the below guides.

How to cancel Orangetheory Fitness membership?

Step 1: Pick up your phone, and call 1-954-530-6903, to connect with the Orangetheory Fitness representative.

Step 2: Ask the representative to cancel your membership, and provide the details asked of you.

📺 Bonus Video: I Canceled My Orange Theory Membership After 2 Years

How to cancel Orangetheory Fitness membership via mail?

Step 1: Write an application, including:

  1. Full first and last names
  2. Your current address
  3. Your phone number
  4. Date of birth
  5. Membership ID
  6. Your email address
  7. Last four digits of the credit card you used when you signed up

Step 2: Request them to cancel the Orangetheory Fitness subscription for your account, before the commencement of the next billing cycle.

Step 3: Send the application to the nearest Orangetheory studio. To get the address, open this link:

How to cancel Orangetheory in person?

Step 1: Visit the nearby Orangetheory fitness gym. To find the location of a nearby gym, open up this link:

Step 2: Ask for the cancellation for, and fill in all the details.

Step 3: Ask for a copy of the form filled, and a confirmation email regarding the cancellation of the membership.

What happens if you miss an Orangetheory class?

It depends what plan you have bought from Orangetheory. If you are a premier member, then you are required to pay a late fee of 12$, but if you have a basic/elite plan then you will only lose a class from your plan.


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