Things You need to know:

  1. AT&T will process the refund within 8 weeks of receiving the refund. In case the product is damaged AT&T will charge you, which will reflect on your credit card.
  2. In case the time period for which you paid for the service is over, AT&T will send their guys to uninstall the equipment.
  3. You are required to return the new equipment within 14 days of the purchase date to not attract any penalty fee.
  4. The AT&T team is really supportive and can guide you well to return the equipment.
  5. AT&T also sends their technician to uninstall the equipment for certain services without cost. But for other services, AT&T assumes that you will be getting a professional technician to uninstall the equipment and will bear the cost of the technician on your own.
  6. All the products from AT&T carry a warranty. So, call the AT&T support team in case you want to exchange the brand new products.
  7. In case you have a longer lock-in contract signed with AT&T, you might attract a penalty fee for early termination of the contract.
  8. You can connect with the AT&T team via chat on their website otherwise you can call them at 800.288.2020.
  9. Below is the list of the items that you are required to send as per the services you are utilizing:
ServiceWhat you returnWhat you keep
DIRECTV STREAMYour DIRECTV STREAM device if you’re canceling service within 14 days of delivery or ship dateYour DIRECTV STREAM device if you’re canceling service after 14 days 
DIRECTVLeased DVRs and receiversWireless video bridgeSatellite dish and its accessories like the mount and poleRemote controls
U-verse TVAll receivers and remote controls 
AT&T Internet& AT&T FiberWi-Fi gateway Wi-Fi extenders if they’re included as a part of your Extended Wi-Fi Service
Wall-mounted equipment like Ethernet jacks, Fiber jacks, or Optical Network
Terminals (ONTs) that may be found in closets, garages, attics, or outside your home Equipment you own like extenders, HDMI cables, or Ethernet cables
Fixed Wireless InternetWi-Fi gatewayAntenna and accessories like the mount and pole

How to return AT&T equipment via the UPS Store?

Step 1: Get in contact with the AT&T team with a request to return the AT&T products. Make sure that you cancel the service you are utilizing at the moment.

Step 2: Go to the nearest UPS store and return the AT&T product. The UPS Store will charge nothing from you as AT&T has a no-cost policy regarding the return of equipment via UPS stores. 

Step 3: Ask for the tracking number to track the return process, and make sure that your AT&T account number is correct.

How to return the AT&T equipment via mail?

Step 1: Cancel the AT&T service and inform the AT&T team that you would be returning the equipment via call or chat.

Step 2: Pack the product, label it properly and ship it so that it can go to the desired place.

Step 3:  Within the next 8 weeks AT&T will provide you feedback regarding the returned equipment. 

Step 4: Once AT&T will approve the returned item, they will process the paycheck.

Bonus Video: Can I return AT&T equipment to AT&T store?

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